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Welcome to BitMemoir! We are an innovative company specializing in digital solutions for web2 and web3. We drive the digital transformation of organizations and businesses, leading the way into the future with technologies such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

Our Mission

At BitMemoir, our mission is to take your organization or business into the future, today! With a passionate focus on innovation and excellence, we are committed to providing solutions that not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

Who We Are:

Division of Beyond Imagination Technologies Pvt Ltd

Division of Beyond Imagination Technologies Pvt Ltd

BitMemoir is a product of Beyond Imagination Technologies Pvt Ltd, an international firm dedicated to the security and traceability of digital certifications. We stand out by offering a document issuance and verification system through the most secure technology available: Blockchain.

Blockchain + NFT:

Blockchain + NFT:

The revolution in document security

At the heart of our proposition is the integration of Blockchain and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technology. By issuing documents in NFT format with a unique QR code, we ensure the security and authenticity of your certifications globally. Your information is now more secure than ever!

Customized solutions for various sectors

Customized solutions for various sectors

At BitMemoir, we believe in the versatility and adaptability of our platform to meet the specific needs of different sectors. Discover how our solutions are transforming educational institutions and the tourism sector, among others.

Our Team

Nikhil Goyal

Founder and CEO

Nikhil Goyal

(Serial Entrepreneur)
Anthony Raj

Co-Founder and CTO

Anthony Raj

(Ex-Microsoft and Cisco)
Alejandro Giuffrida


Alejandro Giuffrida

(Former rector of the Champagnat University (Argentina) and president of the Association of Latin American and Caribbean Universities for Integration)

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What is Bitmemoir?arrow
BitMemoir is a unique blockchain-based platform focusing primarily on negating the possibility of creating fake credentials or fudging the documents. The aim is to develop and nurture an ecosystem of verified documents and journey mapping an individual’s life.
How does Bitmemoir Work?arrow
BitMemoir uses blockchain technology to create Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for each certificate issued. These NFTs have a QR code embedded on them, which contain unique information (meta-data) about the certificate, including the issuer, recipient, and timestamp. The certificates can be securely stored in personal digital wallets and easily downloaded and shared with others for verification purposes.
What are the benefits of using Bitmemoir?arrow
BitMemoir offers the following benefits:

A. Enhanced security: BitMemoir leverages blockchain technology to ensure that certificates cannot be tampered with or forged.

B. Easy verification: Certificates can be easily verified by scanning the QR code or accessing the blockchain record.

C. Portability: Digital certificates can be stored in personal digital wallets and shared with other parties for verification purposes

D. Efficient issuance: BitMemoir streamlines the certificate issuance process, saving time and resources for the users.

E. Transparency: The blockchain record provides a transparent and immutable audit trail of document issuance and verification.

How can I verify a certificate issued through Bitmemoir?arrow
To verify a certificate, simply scan the QR code on the certificate or enter the blockchain transaction details i.e. the contact address and the token ID in the Verify tab. The verification process will display the certificate details and confirm its authenticity.
Can BitMemoir be integrated with existing systems?arrow
Yes, BitMemoir provides integration options to seamlessly connect with existing platforms used by your organisation. This allows for automatic data synchronization and streamlined certificate issuance. For such integration requirements, write to us at support@beimagine.tech.
Is Bitmemoir compatible with different types of documents?arrow
Yes, BitMemoir can be used to issue and verify a wide range of documents, including academic degrees, diplomas, professional certifications, office memo, event certificates, event tickets etc.
Is Bitmemoir secure?arrow
Yes, BitMemoir employs advanced blockchain technology to ensure the security and integrity of documents. The decentralized nature of blockchain makes it highly resistant to hacking or data manipulation
Can I share my NFTs on social media platforms or professional networks?arrow
Yes, with the integration of BitWallet, sharing of NFTs on social media platforms and professional networks becomes fairly easy.